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The Garage

I moved into my new house knowing that there was work I’d have to do.  It’s not a project house by any means, but it is 50 years old.  So there are definitely things that need a little attention and TLC.  First major project on my list is the garage.  When I moved in, the garage walls were insulated between the studs, but there was nothing else over the insulation.  Which I don’t exactly consider a good look.  There were also a couple junky old chests of drawers and a decently-made but ugle shelf  made of bare wood along one wall.  There were also a couple pre-fab shelving units, one on either side of the garage.  It’s by no means a giant garage, but it is a two-car, and being as I only have one car, there’s an entire side I can play with.

As you’re all probably aware, I’ve been known to ride a bike or two in my day.  I figured the best thing to do with my extra garage space would be to set up a good area for bike storage and maintenance.  I laid out a solid plan for what I want to do, and jumped right in.  I began by ripping out all the old shelving, since I knew I didn’t want to use it.  As I was doing so, I noticed that the installer of that shelving had put support struts in between studs the whole way across the garage wall.  But he did a piss-poor job of it, so not a single one was actually flush with the studs.  Since I wanted to cover the studs up, I needed to rip out every one of those support struts.  Fun.  I also discovered that the pre-fab shelf on that side of the garage was held on by a single vertical column of finishing nails.  Finishing nails, people!  Kelsey actually ripped it off the wall with one hand quite easily.  Good thing I was storing my camp stove fuel on that thing.  Yeesh.

On to the actual construction:  I began by putting up 1/2″ particle board across the entire wall.  Luckily I had help from Kelsey and Jon for that, since it was a bit of a project.  I also caulked between the boards and over the screw heads so it would look decent when painted.  I didn’t go nuts and there are actually a few places that won’t look smooth no matter what, but I didn’t want to go crazy.  It’s just the garage.

After that, unfortunately, my project lay fallow for a few weeks.  I’d miscalculated the amount of particle board I’d need, so a section of wall couldn’t be finished.  Given the fact that I certainly can’t fit that much wood into my dinky car, I had to wait until this weekend, when I was able to rent a pickup to head back down to Lowe’s.  I also grabbed the rest of the lumber I’d need plus painting supplies.  I put up the last board on Saturday evening, then caulked everything in.  Today I sanded, cleaned, primed, and painted.  As that all gets dried and settled in, I’ll start with the rest of the construction.  Check out my Flickr page for some pictures and stay tuned to see what comes next.

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What exactly is going on here?


“Yup, they’re still there.”

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A lot has happened in the past, let’s see… 10 months!  Holy shit, is that right?  Hmm, maybe I should do this more frequently.

My life since new year’s summarized:

Started 2nd intership.  Drove to Puyallup 4 days a week.  Played with kids.  Packed up stuff.  Drove to Medford.  Rented apartment.  ROAD TRIP!  Kelsey got sick.  Kelsey tried to die.  Hospital in Pullman.  Movie, eat, movie, movie, sleep, movie, eat, nap, etc.  Kelsey recovered.  Drove to Boise.  Interviews.  Back to Medford.  Last internship.  Return to Seattle.  Graduation.  Packed up stuff.  Studied.  Studied.  Studied.  Licensure exam.  Passed test.  Moved to Boise.  Started job.  Bought house.  Moved in.  Worked on house.  Worked in McCall.  Worked on house.  FINALLY rode bike.

Yup, that pretty much sums her up.  I’m living in Boise and working for a company called Elks Healthcare Staffing.  It’s a contract company that sets me up with work as it’s needed.  I’m currently in a semi-permanent position 2 days a week working pediatrics since that clinic recently lost 2 PTs.  It can get difficult at times doing PRN work, but the long-term nature of that job helps a lot.  It provides me (and the kids) with good continuity and follow-up.

My bikes currently lie fairly dormant.  Due to all the work I’m putting into the house right now, I’m finding it difficult to find time to get on the bike.  I went for a ride yesterday with Kelsey, though, a nice 2ish hour affair.  Here’s the sweet part about Boise – it’s less than a week from October and it hit 90 degrees yesterday.  We rode until 8:30 with shorts and short sleeves and never felt cold.  Even when we got hit by the sprinklers.

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Happy New Year

Here’s hoping your night was better than mine. Suffering from a migraine practically all day meant a lot of couch time, interrupted occasionally by brief bursts of energy just powerful enough to propel me all the way to the nearest toilet. There I would hold on for dear life to that porcelain life preserver as the final remnants of 2008 forced themselves from my stomach.

My current condition of a fuzzy head, slightly blurred vision, and churning stomach may mimic that of countless others across the country but rest assured that I had a lot less fun in achieving mine.

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The past three months I’ve been piggybacking off an unsecured wireless network based somewhere in my building. A couple weeks ago that network lost access to the Internet for some reason. I can update my blag from my phone (as im doing now) but it’s less than convenient so until my Internet access returns this is about the best you can expect from me.

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On Guns and Movies

Today is Monday, which of course means I spent my evening watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.  Mainly because of Summer Glau.  But what I really wanted to write about is something that happens in tons of action movies and really bugs me.  I guess it doesn’t really bug me, it’s kinda if nit-picky really, but still…

At one point during the show, one characteer gives another a pistol and asks, “Do you know how to use this?”  Rather than say anything, the second character ejects the mag, loks at it, replaces it in the gun and then cycles the slide.  This is a universal action movie reply that means, generally speaking, “Fuck yes I know how to use it.  The real question is, ‘Do you know how to load it?’  Why don’t I just go ahead and make sure you do, chucklehead.”  It’s a little pretentious.  Here’s my real concern, though: knowing how to eject a magazine doesn’t mean shit when it comes to actually firing a weapon.  I have full confidence that any one of you, my loyal readers, who hasn’t ever shot a gun could very quickly figure out how to eject a mag.  Here’s a hint: it’s the only button on the gun.  I’m also pretty sure that everyone knows to cycle the slide before firing a pistol.  Most likely from the same action movies I just mentioned.  My overall point is that that’s a pretty piss-poor response to an honest question.

Consider an analogy.  You’re fifteen.  You’ve never operated a car before in your life.  Someone hands you a set of keys and asks if you know how to drive.  Instead of answering them, like a normal person, you swagger over to the car to show them how badass you truly are.  Answer me this: having never driven before in your life, do you think you could manage to unlock the door, get in the car, place the key in the ignition, and start the engine?  Of course you could.  That’s the easy part.  The not-so-easy part is somehow keeping yourself from subsequently plowing into a tree or cop car because you don’t know how to drive.

What am I getting at?  If someone gives you a gun and asks if you know how to use, just answer them.  Please.  Because, let’s be honest, if you ever find yourself in that situation, shit’s about to go down and it’s no time to be a cocky asshole.  Or accidentally shoot people in the face trying to prove that you (ironically) know how to not accidentally shoot people in the face.

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One Down

The last day of my first internship was on Friday.  It’s nice to be done and heading to a new setting, but also strange that I’m a third of the way through my internships.  It was a great experience and I’m really glad I got to go to Harborview.  I think after that I can probably handle any kind of inpatient rehab.  Harborview was recently rated the #2 rehab hospital in the country, second only to Craig Hospital down in (strangely enough) Craig, Colorado.  So I’m pretty certain I got about the best experience I could.

Today also marked my return to cycling.  I’ve got plenty of time on my hands over the next month, so I’m going to really dive back in after a few days of working into it.  I started on the trainer today just to be sure I was in a controlled environment and didn’t overdo it.  I have a tendency to do that.  I also need to grab my track bike back from Randy at some point.  Get that baby on the rollers and see what I can do for my spin.

Lastly, for anybody around Seattle, I’m free for the next month, excepting this Thursday until next Monday. Send me an email or give me a ring if you’re up for anything.

Edit:  Apparently I was misinformed as to the location of Craig Hospital.  Eastern’s list of internships listed it as being in Craig, but it’s actually in Englewood.  Once I looked at a map of Colorado, that actually made a lot more sense, given the size of Craig and its proximity to, well, nothing.  My apologies to Craig Hospital.

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Turkey Vultures

Let me preface this post with a little info about Medicare.  Medicare?  Turkey vultures?  Huh?  Bear with me.  For those of you unaware, Medicare is both an insurance carrier (they hate paying for things) and a government program (they also hate paying for things).  As such, Medicare finds doubly ways to not pay for things.  One creative way they do so deals with therapy students of all disciplines.  Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, you name it.  I, as a student, am allowed to treat patients as long as there is a physical therapist in the building I can run to for help.  That’s the law.  Medicare recognizes this and has no provision disallowing students from treating their patients.  However, they do have a major problem with paying for any such care.  That’s right, folks.  The government believes I am skilled enough to treat people, but not skilled enough for them to have to pay for said treatment.  Sweet.  That means that for any Medicare patient I provide care for, a licensed therapist has to sit there and watch me, not doing anything else, in order for my facility to get reimbursed.  This typically isn’t a problem since Harborview has plenty of non-Medicare patients I can see solo.

Uh-oh, hold the phone.  That all changed two days ago.  Harborview’s internal compliance office recently decided that, in an institutionally-sized case of CYA, we would adopt the strictest compliance laws (Medicare) for all patients.  I can no longer see a patient without my instructor staring at my every move.  There are two other students on the rehab unit as well.  That means when we’re all working with patients in the gym, there are three licensed therapists who could be spending their time doing actual therapy who, instead, have to sit perched on stools, staring off into the distance.  A la what?  That’s right, turkey vultures.

Speaking of vultures, I almost died today.  I was helping a patient walk when I was hit with a violent case of coughing.  Seeing as I couldn’t simply drop what I was doing and get a drink of water, I had to just bear it.  And since I couldn’t just cough all over my patient, I held it in as much as I could until my eyes started watering and I felt like vomiting.  It’s pretty much the visceral reaction I’d expect from snorting a line of gnu shit.  It was quite strange and less than pleasant.  Moral of the story?  Don’t hold in your coughs.  Unless you’re into snorting gnu shit and the consequences thereof.

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Stupid technology

So, um, that post that just went up was supposed to go up sometime last week.  For some reason it was saved as a draft but not published.  In any case, it all still applies.  And photos are still up.  Now it just looks like they were put up before I said I’d put them up soon.  Sweet.

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I do still exist

I’ve had a couple comments reminding me that I haven’t updated in forever, so I figured I’d toss something up.  My season obviously came to a close a couple months ago and I’ve been keeping decently busy since then.  After I got home from Colorado, I went backpacking up in the North Cascades for five days with Kelsey.  I’ve got pictures from that trip that I’ve apparently neglected to put on Flickr.  I’ll get that done shortly as well.  After that trip, my first internship started at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.  It’s been an awesome experience so far and it’s weird to think that it’ll be done in just two weeks.

As for biking, I’ve been off the bike basically since track season ended.  I rode the cross bike a couple times, thinking I’d get some races in, but I realized two things: A) I suck at cross, and B) I just don’t care.  My desire to be on a bike is completely nonexistent at this point.  The biggest contributor to this is how exhausting my season was this summer.  Driving 600 miles every weekend to race for less than an hour total gets wearing after three months.  When the season ended, I totally slumped and stopped caring.  Then my internship kicked in and started dominating my life, so it’s been tough to try to kick-start my training.  I plan on jumping back in once I’m done at Harborview, which is still in plenty of time to get good off-season miles in.  Hell, my season doesn’t even start until May.

In an case, since I wanted pretty much nothing to do with cycling and this blag is bike-centered (look at the title, for god’s sake) I pretty much had to put it on hiatus.  Look for more regular updates in the near future, though, as I’m starting to feel an itch to ride.

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