Posted by: gofastturnleft | February 19, 2012

Not the Greatest of Weeks

You know what makes training really difficult?  Getting a sore throat that makes just half an hour in the cold air feel like breathing 80-grit.  On Wednesday I began feeling under the weather a bit.  I never felt awful and never felt particularly tired, but I was absolutely unable to do more than commute to work without wanting to rip my own throat out.  So that derailed my training plans a bit.  I was expecting redemption this weekend, until Kelsey reminded me that her brother, Todd, was going to be in town.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, so this weekend was spent hanging out, eating absolutely fattening food, and brewing beer.  I guess I get some beer out of the deal though, so that’s cool!

This upcoming week: back on track!  I’m still very solidly in Base since none of the races I care about are for months.  As Jen Triplett was kind enough to point out, I actually can’t race at Masters this year.  Which means one of two things: I either already failed at a goal for the season or already succeeded at one.  Hey, think about it – did anybody in my age group ride faster than my at Masters Nats this year?  That’s what I thought!  Luckily, that was essentially the last road race of the year for me, which means that my entire season hasn’t been thrown off kilter.  What I’ll probably end up doing is just take a long transition period over the summer, do some mountain biking, cross train a little, then hit the ‘cross season running.  Followed by remounting.  That was a little bike humor there.

My other major road goal for the season, as I mentioned last week, is the Exergy Twilight Crit.  Previously the Wells Fargo Twilight Crit, it’s often colloquially known as the Boise Twilight Crit, especially to those from out of state.  I love this race.  It’s on the NRC calendar, so the pros are out in force.  It’s a huge deal for Boise, so there are tons of spectators, even for the lower categories.  There’s a good cash purse, even fro the lower categories.  It’s in the middle of the Summer in the desert, so it’s mirage-inducingly hot.  It’s simply awesome!  I’ve raced it a couple years and am really looking forward to getting back out there.  Since I know my (admittedly small) readership is from a wide geographic area, I thought I’d put together a little poll to see what others are planning for the race:

On tap for this week: actually riding the hours I’m scheduled to!

Thanks for reading.



  1. We haven’t seen you race in forever and Pookie has never seen her uncle Kevin race so we pretty much have to come. Hopefully Chris doesn’t die of heat stroke :)

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