Posted by: gofastturnleft | February 12, 2012

Remember Racing?

I do – barely.  Here’s the deal – I set up this blag to be, first and foremost, a place to discuss bike racing and its related activities.  I have made a number of posts regarding work and house projects, but for some reason it just never seemed right to put them here.  I rarely perform either of those activities in spandex.  For that reason, and given my impending marriage at the time, my fiancé-at-the-time-now-wife Kelsey and I started a separate (but equal!) blag over at

Slightly-related note: brides-to-be are fiancés, grooms-to-be are fiancées.  Huh.

So what’s the upshot?  My life for the past 3 years has been dominated by not-racing.  Ergo, this racing-related blag has fallen by the wayside.  My last update that mentioned racing at all was on November 25, 2008.  That’s ages ago.  Between moving, buying a house, starting work, getting married, and doing tons of outdoor/indoor projects, finding the time needed to dedicate myself to racing has been pretty much impossible.  I got used to not racing.  I got used to being content with commutes and the occasional long ride on the weekend.  I would go mountain biking, but it was all about goofing around with Kelsey and not busting myself to go faster and harder.

Then a glorious thing happened.  A wonderful, amazing, splendiferous occurrence.  It was summer.  Kelsey and I had been riding downtown to the local Co-op for groceries a lot.  I had a rack on my old ‘cross bike and she had one of those Topeak Beamracks on her road bike to allow her to carry up to 20 pounds.  By the third time I had to haul 40+ pounds of groceries (including watermelon at times!) up the 12% hill by our house while Kelsey rode away with her 15 pound load, I said “Enough!  We’re buying you a commuter bike!”  Off we went, scouring bike shops for a decent touring bike with eyelets for a rack.  By the fourth shop or so, met with little success, the heavens parted, Kelsey stated, and I quote: “Wouldn’t it just make more sense to buy a cyclocross bike and put a rack on that?  You know, in case I want to try racing?”


We did end up getting her a ‘cross bike and race it she did.  We both entered almost every race in the Treasure Valley this past Fall and I was hooked again.  I ended up taking 10th in the SWICX series, based purely on consistency of showing up to races versus actual results.  But that’s mainly because I suck at ‘cross.  It didn’t matter, though.  Every race was awesome.  Even the ones that hurt and sucked were awesome.  I was officially back to racing.

I subsequently drew up a training plan for this season and it’s been going well so far.  Since all the races I care about are in the Summer (and Fall, once ‘cross comes back around) I just started my Base period this week.  I’m capping it off with 4 hours out on the roads today and I am absolutely looking forward to it.

Before everything gets underway, though, I’m going to lay down the ground rules, starting with my observations from reading many blags over the years:

  1. Exquisite details are exquisitely boring.  You don’t care what zones I was in during my ride, my gearing, my exact route, my exact mileage, or how many vertical feet I climbed
  2. Frequent updates are nice.  Blags that languish get deleted from reading lists.
  3. Fluff posts are worse than a lack of posts.  Each post should actually add something meaningful.
  4. Overly-serious amateur racers are funny.  But not in a good way.

With that in mind, I will make an absolutely concerted effort to post at least once per week, usually on Sunday, since that’s when I’m planning my next week’s rides.  I’ll hopefully be in the right state of mind.  I won’t bore you with mind-numbing details but will try to give an overall impression of the week.  While being relevant.  And funny.  Or, you know, what I think is funny.  I’ll also keep everything in perspective.  If I ever post about how awful it was that I didn’t win the Tuesday-Night World Championship Parking Lot Crit, for the love of all that is holy, call me on it.

On to goals!

The Exergy Twilight Crit:  This is the big one!  Packed streets, screaming crowds, top-level racing, big prize money.  I’ve done well here before racing for Recycled Cycles and want to do well again.  It’s in July and I should have plenty of time to prep.

Master’s Nationals: Yes, I’m old enough to be a Masters racer now.  Nats are in Bend, which is a car drive away rather than a flight across the country.  There are very few 30-34 year-olds who enter since the fast ones are focused on Elite Nats.  Not me!  I’m taking the easy road to try for that coveted jersey.  I’ve always known that I can’t climb for crap, but this year I’ve really decided to cement my status as a rouleur so will be focusing on the time trial.  Early September, so I’ll have to be careful not to overdo it and be cooked by then.

‘Cross State Champs: Since I’ll be focusing on TTs anyway, doesn’t this make sense?  ‘Cross is just a TT interrupted by running and jumping.  Plus it’s fun to play in the mud and there are a couple really strong series around these parts.  Probably sometime in November if this past year is any indication.


So that’s it.  Riding, training, racing, blaging.  Plus, you know, all that other stuff I talk about on my other blag.  Man, days need to be longer.





  1. Yay! You are back! Missed you….

    Um, I hate to be the one to break this to you but I thinks usac eliminated the 30-34 age category from master nationals. :(

    Glad to hear you are back to racing.

    Xoxo, jen

  2. Well that’s unfortunate. I guess next time I need to read the rulebook before building an entire season around a single race, eh? Also – Colorado? When did that happen? We’ll need to catch up next time I’m down there.

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