Posted by: gofastturnleft | November 25, 2009

Oh yeah…

I (basically) finished the garage project!  There are some areas on the legs that still need a coat of paint or two, but the major portion is over.  Go look at Flickr.  It’s ever so exciting.

What I ended up with is 12 feet of workbench complete with 4 foot high pegboard running its length.  The height of the bench varies from about 36 inches to near 40.  Yeah, I know 40 is pretty tall, but that’s what you get when you build in a sloped garage.  Most people would also think 36 inches is pretty tall, but most people aren’t freak-sized like yours truly.  When I work at normal-sized benches (30ish inches) my back kills after a while because I’m so hunched over.  My custom bench is totally going to rule.

In the meantime, the other side of my garage is filthy.  Crap piled everywhere, sawdust and dirt all over the place.  I ned to tackle that sucker so I can actually start putting my car inside and not have to scrape off frost every morning.  Becuase that’s pretty stupid.


On the work-related side of things, I have awesome news.  I’ve accepted a full-time position working in pediatrics.  It’s four days a week with Wednesdays off.  It’s pretty much my ideal schedule.  Half the days I’m in Meridian, about 5 miles away, the other half I’m in Nampa, about 20 miles away.  I’m going to start riding into my Meridian job once I get my commuter all set up.  I might even be crazy enough to try commuting to Nampa some as well.  We’ll just have to see.




  1. something i did on the last bench i made…if you run plywood along the legs under the bench it is a great place for power tools and frees up space some where else. For more bikes……just sayin….

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